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Happy/Sad/Confused (FINALLY) 


More Lionlock. If this is the way I need to break my art block, so be it.



Experiments are Fun by Sash-kash

this is just perfect.

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John & Sherlock + Manhandling

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can u imagine people watching bbc sherlock 10 years from now like people watch the x files??? like wow look at all this chemistry between these two characters i cant wait until they get together wow this is gonna be so wonderful


Carlos San Millan 


sherlock au where john and sherlock are in their mid-twenties. john is working at a convenience store in london, trying to start paying off his student loans.  sherlock is looking to buy a package of cigarets. when checking out, john asks if he would like to by a lotto ticket. sherlock responds with a long rant about the chances of winning and gambling addictions. john asks what his deal is and sherlock explains the consulting detective bit. john tells him that if he goes half on a ticket with him on a ticket and they win, he’ll move into the biggest flat in town with him and be his crime fighting sidekick. the whole thing is very funny to the two strangers, until they actually win.


I feel sorry for straight ppl bc they dont experience the emotion that is “im so gay”